Events Room:

On Sanctuary you will find at south of the Entrance a new room with 2 Events:

- Battlefield Event
- Monster Wave Event

Events are accessible from the Sanctuary, at south of the Entrance, check The map here , point 29/30.
Events are for players with a level above 350, we will recommend to make a team before you go.

Battlefield Event:

Battlefield Event starts each day at 20:00, once event it's opened, monster will start spawning, elites and final boss.
Players will spawn on corners, and they need to defeat monsters , after starting defeating monsters, elites will start spawning, after kill some elites, final boss will spawn in the middle of the map.
There is a chance that a Boss called 'The Butcher' Spawns, at north of the map you will find a teleport entrance to the Butchers room,
Be sure to be prepared, the butchers is a hardcore boss that has an extremely rare chance to loot unique sets that are non craftable ( Demon Butcher & Fireling Butcher Set).
Event duration is 2 hours, everyone will be kicked after event finishes.

Monsters on the event, will loot ressources that are used to craft 2 new sets:

- Desolation Set, Helmet, Armor and Legs, Paladin's, Knight's, Assassin's
- Haunting Set, Helmet, Armor and Legs, for Sorcerer's and Druid's

Sets, can be crafted on Sanctuary on the Crafting Rooms.

They also get a possibility to loot Chests and keys, that are used to be opened and get Exp Cards.
Exp Cards have 4 Tiers:

Bronze Exp Card: Can be exchanged if you have at least Level 50. Reward: 475.000 Exp
Silver Exp Card: Can be exchanged if you have at least level 120. Reward: 1.125.000 Exp
Crystal Exp Card: Can be exchanged if you have at least level 225. Reward: 2.855.000 Exp
Golden Exp Card: Can be exchanged if you have at least level 350. Reward: 7.135.000 Exp

Exp Cards can be traded to Mythressa in front of Event Rooms, it will exchange Exp Cards for experience.

Exp Cards are obtained opening, Bronze, Silver, Crystal or Butcher Chests, use the right key on the chest to obtain a random amount of Exp cards.

Monster Wave Event:

Monster Wave Event will start each day at 12:00, the teleport appears on the Sanctuary on Event Room ( See Point 29/30 here.).
Once inside, like name said, waves of monsters will spawn, but also waves of bosses, pick up your team and defeat monsters, make sure to be prepared a lot of monsters will spawn.
Event duration is 2 hours. Everyone will be kicked after event finishes.
Here a lot of types of monsters will start spawning, from simple Demon skeletons, to hydras, serpent spawns, demons, and much much more like bosses.

Boosted Boss 1718 Boosted Creature1394 Boosted Creature and Boss