There is a new Pet System available on the world, when you reach level 100 you will be able to summon your pet.
Each class has his pet, the pets gain experience by killing monsters and level up. As they level up they unlock new spells.
You can get only one summon at time, pet or familiar.
Pets can be summoned each 15 minuts.

To summon your pet use !summonpet command.
While for checking pet level and experience use !petlevel command.

Spell DamageSpell Level
115 - 215
Level 5
40+ (Curse/Poison...)
Level 15
160 - 270
Level 25
190 - 350
Level 35
230 - 400
Level 60

Boosted Boss 1718 Boosted Creature1394 Boosted Creature and Boss