New Update, introduces new content:

- New Sanctuary Zone
- New Vengeance Grounds (600+)
- New Bosses & New Mechanics
- New Crafting System + Crafting Ressources + Crafting Outfits & Mount
- New Pet system
- New Sanguine, Grand Sanguine and Seraphim Weapons
- Double Exp Each Saturday and Sunday for 5 hours each day
- New Monsters & Bosses on Bosstiary / Bestiary
- Cursed Chests
- Slot System ( Add 3 new stats on your items! , They can be removed , but warning it will remove Slots and Upgrades also! )
- Upgrade System ( Try to increase the power of your set until +15 !)
- Monster Levels ( Increasing Damage, Hitpoints, Loot and Experience )
- And some more!

The sanctuary can be acessed from upper Thais Depot on Teleport Room, under stairs you will find a Red portal going to the Sanctuary.

1 - Yasir
2 - Yaman & Nah'Bob
3 - Entrance to Vengeance Grounds
4 - Forge Exaltation & Imbuements
5 - Esrik
6 - Haroun & Alesar
7 - Darklight Mining Crafting
8 - Treasure Hunter Crafting
9 - Grizzly Adams
10 - Balenoc (Exchange for Endless Tokens)
11 - General Ressources Crafting
12 - Outfit & Mount Crafting (New Outfits and Mount)
13 - Apothicaire (Exchange Astral Coins)
14 - Symbioze (Exchange Pearls) and Loshma (Exchange Nether Pearls)
15 - Estherya (Exchange Outfit & Mount Coins)
16 - Sanctuary Entrance
17 - Depot, Benjamin & Naji
18 - Relaxation Room
19 - Fourniture Shop (Houses)
20 - Crafting Rooms ( Craft Equipments & Weapons)
21 - New Spawns direct access (Recomended 600+), Ichgahal, Vemiath, Murcion and Chagorz
22 - Bakragore Boss
23 - Lailene
24 - Rashid
25 - Hanna
26 - Tamoril
27 - Rock in a Hard Place
28 - Offline Training
29 - Event Rooms ( Battlefield Event & Monster Wave Event)
30 - Mythressa Npc (Exchange Exp Cards)
31 - Sabrehaven Npc (Exchange Event Tokens from Battlefield Event for Skeletal ressources
32 - Zoltun Npc (Exchange Butcher's Token for Exp & Chests cards)

Entering for the First time on the Vengeance Ground, you will need to complete a mechanic for the first time to be able to access the Vengeance Grounds.

Crafting Rooms

On Crafting Rooms only one player can access on it, if there is a player inside another player cannot enter. To check recipes use !crafting command.

Crafting Rooms you will required to achieve a certain level on Crafting before craft a new weapon or equipment. All Crafting methods (General Ressources, Darklight Mining, Treasure Hunter Craft's) will give you experience doing craft and you will level up on Crafting Level.

Darklight Mining

Darklight Mining or Treasure Hunter, before start you will need to craft the Shovel of Treasure Hunter and Darklight Obsidian Pickaxe. Visit the Crafting Room of each Job then craft the required tool.
Use the command !jobs to see the level of your mining skill but also for crafting and treasure hunter.

Darklight Stones, can be founded on New Spawns or Vengeance Grounds, they are rare to find. When mining you will receive experience and materials, that can be used to craft Grand Sanguine Weapons.

Treasure Hunter

Treasure's can be founded on Vengeance Grounds, Port Hope, Issavi, Gnomoprona, Marapur, Roshamuul.
You can also use a Treasure Map, to found a normal, rare or mythic Treasure on the ground, Treasure Map can be used only on Vengeance Grounds in exterior.
When you see the chest opened on the ground if you carry a Key of Treasure Chest, use it on the Chest instead of the shovel, the prize can be higher!.
Key of Treasure Chest can be used on all types of Chests opened ( when you see Treasure Chest Gold on the ground use the key on it to increase the loot).
Treasure Hunter Potion can be used to increase speed of dig up a Treasure Chest during 30 minuts.

Pet System

Players can summon pets at level 100. Each class has a different pet, and differents spells, until level 60. Pets have not a level limit, and can be summoned each 30 minuts, like a familiar. You cannot summon pet and familiar at same time.

To summon a pet use the command !summonpet, and for watch the Pet Level and experience use the command !petlevel. To read more about pets Click here.

Cursed Chests

Cursed Chests spawns around the Endless World, there is 4 raritys:
- Common
- Rare
- Epic
- Legendary

Each Tier has he's own waves of monsters and boss. Make sure you are strong enought to fight them or you will die. Monsters and Bosses from Cursed chest appear in the Battle List with a Skull. Monsters & Bosses give also loot and experience.

New Bosses & Mechanics


The first new boss is Bakragore, as you know is a part of update 13.20, but this one have been customized a little bit.
Of course we have created the same mechanic as the RL, using the devourer essences before start the combat with Bakragore will increase each one of 5% the chance to obtain a Grand Sanguine item, but difference as the Real we have customized this one, if you kill bakragore and you will no obtain a Grand Sanguine item then the chance will be saved for the next combat, until you will loot a Grand Sanguine item.

Bakragore has a simple mechanic, killing one of the Sub bosses ( Vemiath, Chagorz, Ichgahal or Murcion ) you will have a chance to loot a Crystal Breaker, an item that can be used on the crystals that appears on the fight against Bakragore. Using a Crystal Breaker on the Crystal will damage Bakragore of 10.000 Hp.

First time you kill Bakragore you will be awarded of Decaying Defender outfits. Also Bakragore loots Spirit Horseshoes in order to obtain Spirit of Purity Mount.
You can loot a Toy Ball from Bakragore, using a Toy ball on a Foxmouse give a chance to obtain
Foxmouse Mount.


Archangel is a new boss from Vengeance Grounds, a new custom spawn, like the others one, where you will find creatures of update 13.20. Reach the depth of the Vengeance Grounds and start the fight against Archangel.

Archangel will not be easy to defeat, as for kill it you will face a 2 differents mechanics that will require a lot of atention.

First Mechanic

When you enter on the room, all players will be transformed to creatures, there is 2 differents creatures, Green that have a Impair Dot and violet means player have a pair dot. Here is a picture, (the picture no represents the real room of Archangel) this is to show to players how it works:

Impair Dot: Starting from the position of the player 1 sqm from him ( 1 yes 1 no ) then if you are not in the right tile you will receive damage.

Pair Dot: Starting from the position of the player 2 sqm from him ( 1 no 1 yes ) then if you are not in the right tile you will receive damage.

The mechanic lasts throughout the fight, until he dies.

Second Mechanic

The Second mechanic an altar appear on the room, pay attention, when they appear stand near the altar, if player is not near the altar, it will receive damage.

There is a small video that shows the 2 mechanics at same time, please take note that the effect of the second mechanic has been changed for reasons of visibility.

The mechanic lasts throughout the fight, until he dies.

Archangel loots many ressources to create the Fallen Angel Outfit, Mirage Outfit, but also Rotten Blood Outfit and Mount. Some of this ressources can be obtained on Treasure Hunter.

Some Pictures about the new hunting spawns:

Upgrade System

Upgrade System will increase the base stats of your equipment:
Can be, Attack, Defense, Extra Defense, Armor, Hit chance.
Wand and Rods now, will got the attribute attack, when doing an upgrade to the wands and rod it will increase also the attack of the wand/rod.
Use a Upgrade Scroll [Lv.1] on a piece of equipment to upgrade it from +1 to +5.
Use a Upgrade Scroll [Lv.2] on a piece of equipment to upgrade it from +6 to +10.
Use a Upgrade Scroll [Lv.3] on a piece of equipment to upgrade it from +11 to +15.

The chance will be lower when get higher upgrade, if the upgrade fail, the item will downgrade from 1 level. Items Upgrade from one Player can be traded (manually trade) to each other players, if upgrade items are selled on the market the upgrade will be removed.
Upgrade Scrolls can be crafted on General Ressources Crafting.

Monster Levels

Monster Levels is a new system that adds Levels on a Monster, finding a monster will level it will:
Increase Damage
Increase Hitpoints
Increase Experience
Increase Loot

Monsters with levels are showed in the BattleList with a skull, depending on their level.

Boosted Boss 1718 Boosted Creature1394 Boosted Creature and Boss